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Community Health


PAX is dedicated to serving the community, by the community. It takes many hands to fully serve those around us and we welcome any help that you are willing to share.

We have openings for both Medical and Non-Medical volunteers, and we always welcome monetary donations to help purchase supplies to treat our patients.

Donations are accepted at the Clinic during open hours.

Online Donations will be available soon!

Donations can also be mailed to the clinic.


PAX Community Health

1625 NW Obrien Rd
Lee's Summit, MO 64081

Non-medical Volunteers


Greeters make our guests feel welcome from stepping through the doors, leading them to check in, as well as guiding people around the facility, and helping to straighten-up and lock-up after the clinic closes.



Check-in Volunteers hand patients their forms to fill out and get charts ready to give to the nurse.


Child Care

Able to provide childcare for all ages, must pass a background check and abide by child safety policies. Must be 18 or older



Errands during the clinic as needed such as making copies, working with other volunteers to help flow and efficiency. This position can be filled by anyone age 16 and above

Medical Volunteer Requirements
  1. Current license in the state of Missouri

  2. Provide volunteer coordinator with a copy of license, CV, and malpractice if you carry your own or your employer provides it and approves of volunteer work

  3. MO law passed in 2013 protects medical workers who work for free for a non-profit organization from malpractice. First Presbyterian is our sponsoring non-profit and we have filed the appropriate form with the state and paid fee. Quarterly reports listing all volunteers will be provided to the state of Missouri

  4. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants will either need permission from employer/supervising physician to volunteer or medical director will need to become a collaborating physician. The state of Missouri has a limit of 3 per physician so the clinic may need more than one physician to be willing to collaborate for volunteers if needed.

  5. Medical volunteers are not compensated Medical volunteers are expected to work within the scope of their practice and follow standards of care for diagnosing and treating medical illness.

  6. Medical volunteers are expected to act in a professional manner in accordance with the honor of being a medical professional.

  7. Issues with discipline will be handled with the medical director.

  8. Dress code will be scrubs that are clean, neat and in good repair with comfortable and clean shoes. Volunteers may also wear clinic t-shirt with khaki pants, below the knee capris, or jeans that are in good repair. No shorts, mid-riff shirts allowed.

  9. Medical equipment will be provided except for stethoscopes. Please bring your own. Volunteers may bring their own equipment as well and may store it in the clinic. First Presbyterian cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen equipment.  

Medical Volunteers


Medical Provider: physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant

Nursing: registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, medical assistant, certified nursing assistant

Students: medical, dental, therapy and nursing students

Physical, occupational and speech therapy

Social workers, counselors, psychologists


Patient and Medical Education: diabetic educators, tobacco cessation counselors

Medical Records


Medical Providers:

Providing primary and urgent care to all patients regardless of ability to pay, race, religion, gender, ethnic group, sexual identity or orientation.

Providing medical care within the scope of practice for primary care and following established standards of care for diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses.

No controlled substances will be prescribed from this clinic



Taking vitals including BP, pulse, heart rate, weight, 02 sat

Assessing the reason for the visit and rooming patients.

Assisting medical providers with care and treatment.



Medical and nursing students can perform above activities with the supervision of physician or nurse



Provide appropriate therapy for patients in need


Patient Educators:

Providing educational classes in area of training such as diabetic education



Providing counseling for patients with mental health needs


Medical Records:

Can be a non-medical volunteer or student that puts together charts, files them, and keeps stats on a number of patients seen, demographic data, disease state, etc. Reports will not have any patient information but will be used to assess the needs in the community and for future fundraising efforts. This volunteer reports to a medical director.

All volunteers are required to have a background check performed before being scheduled.

Medical volunteers are required to submit their CV/Resume & Medical License in addition to a background check. 

Forms will be made available online soon! For now, they will need to be completed in person.

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